Thursday, July 30, 2009


I know where you've been
In our home, your path
Cluttered tiny piles, thrown
My clothes deposited
Where our passion lay

Your smell permeates the pillows
The air, the couch
Even the stone floor as I scrub
The salt off your skin

Juices and oils in the oven
Our dinner's cooking in it
That's where you'll be
Peeking in the tiny window

Into my world beyond fronts
Into my soul behind walls


An Autumn Fool, I
Shame On Me For Trusting You
Silly Little Girl.

Lone Reed

Strong as I am
My heels grab at the grass
My lackluster stride taking me
To "Eternity"
Where we began
I am searching for grace
I have been here before
I allow the wind to toss my curls
I need the sand to scrape my skin
You are here
While I, the lone reed
Weathered upright
The moss covered rock
Thrown about in the sea
To reach your final destiny
We found each other here
Both beaten, though beautifully
Attempting to hold one another
Still, from the onslaught
You have changed
And I remain the lone reed.
Our love, gone dry
The water, she comforts me

I Named Our Love For You

I Named Our Love For You
Your presence envelops me
Like the raw sea air
The salt and the sand cleansing
Debriding my fragile heart
Under the layers of protection
You give to me, my love
I find a new beating
Your fresh baby skin mingled
With my used sallowness
I named our love for you
Here in this place, where
We fell in love.Yes, my darling - you were
More than just a dream

My Marina Sola.

The Empress

Yet locked away
In my throat
This feeling
In my heart
Make me stay
Clocks burning up
We're apart
So soon, however
After you start
Holding me tighter
Safe in your arms
Sweet undulation
So very close
Beating to be let out
Say it
You'll never cry
Again, here

Roadkill Feathers

I can stand, yet ever so slowly
My eyes crushed shut, its hard to see
You say I look like an angel.
I think.
Who's lost her will to be.

The blood sputters out of my mouth
Leaving a bitter burning inside
I scream, there is no sound
My ears hear nothing, its so intense
Pain too angry to subside

Once before, I could fly - you say.
I cut my feathers
I trim my seams
I look to the sky

My eyes reflect glass.
The transparency left
After it took myself away
From me.

Sonnet of Self Depreciation

Oh, painful wretching, let me lay
Beneath my sheets to see another day
I wish to not make choices so soon
Can't you let me answer at the noon

Oh, beating joy, let me stay
Within your fold, please, another day
I wish you'd come at interval
My passe'd year to which, thus null

Oh twisted pleat, unravel your grasp!
You make me ill, with any thought
I shall not make my choices fast!
Make this one decision for me.